Ty Beanie Baby Sounds & More!- Lowest Prices on Beanie Babies!

Ty Beanie Baby Fun

Play our Beanie Baby Game ! First you must identify the type of Animal the Beanie Baby is and it's Beanie name.
If you have trouble identifying the type of Animal you can
Click on the Beanie Baby picture to hear the sound the Beanie Animal would make in the wild !!!
After you guess you can Click on the answer box under the Beanie Baby to
find the correct name of the Ty Beanie Baby and the type of animal it is.
After you hear the Beanie Babies Sound just click the x in the upper right corner of the sound box that appeared on your screen to close it, and then go to the next animal. You can also replay the Beanie sound by clicking on the play button of the popup screen that appears when you click on a Beanie Baby!
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